Vetiver Bath Brush
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We are engaged in exporting premium Vetiver Bath Brush. Vetiver Bath Brush, available with us, balances the activity of the sebaceous oil glands. The Vetiver Bath Brush contains deodorizing properties and it also helps in normalizing oily skin. The offered Vetiver Bath Brush has a rejuvenating effect on mature skin.
Vetiver bath brush is a herbal and handmade product. It has some medicinal properties.


These scrubs are antibacterial, can be reused again and again and are greatly fragrant. Vetiver is an antiseptic and is very effective in preventing acne, It improves the circulation in the body and is used to exfoliate the dead cells naturally and keeps the body healthy. It improves blood circulation. It used natural scar removal and preventing acne, It has lovely aroma and it contains antioxidants, which helps to protect skin from damaging free radicals. Vetiver has been traditionally used to treat a number of health conditions, including nerve and circulation problems, arthritis, insomnia, muscle aches, rheumatism.The most exciting benefit of this plant is its ability to regenerate skin tissues.

Description of vetiver bath brush

A natural and gentle exfoliator made with pure Vetiver roots, the Vetiver Bath brush is an ideal bath accessory to relax the entire body, gently exfoliate and relieve tension. Ayurveda has long praised Vetiver/khus for its potent skin-regenerating, anti-inflammatory, healing and muscle-relaxant properties.
Traditionally known to be beneficial for aches, pains and improving blood circulation, its subtle and earthy aroma is great for grounding one's emotions. This sweet, rich fragrance permeates the skin, giving a cooling and calming effect and helps mask body odours. Keeps skin soft, smooth and naturally radiant. Gentle daily exfoliation using a natural exfoliator to gently buff away dead skin cells and impurities is vital to your skin care regime. Old, dull, flaky skin when effectively scrubbed off, reveals a layer of new, supple, fresh-looking skin. The vetiver is a natural grass and is bio-degradable making the brush a completely eco-friendly product.

Instruction of vetiver bath brush

Before using it, soak it in water for some time. Wet the pads before use in the bath or shower.. Either use alone or after applying a natural cleanser or bath bar. Move in a gentle, circular motion to exfoliate. Allow the pads to dry after use. It really wakes up the body and mind.Exfoliating is most effective in the evening as in the morning, your skin can be smooth and soft.
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